About SimplicityCo.

The idea of SimplicityCo. came along right after Covid-19 declared a lockdown. Everyone was informed to stay inside their home but; continue living their regular daily lives such as working from home, working out, etc. While many people could enjoy working or doing a task in their PJs I've always been a strong believer that to feel good and have a good day you need to look good. SimplicityCo. mission is to make it simple, but significant. That is why I created something that would not only keep you comfortable throughout any daily task but the minimalistic of it would stand out. I've decided to choose colors that would be suitable for both men and women of every color. However; down the road being a personal trainer I branched out into more athletic wear that would still be comfortable for you to wear throughout your daily task but also gym attire that would be comfortable for you to workout in. Nonetheless, the way you choose to style each piece I hope you all enjoy and love the clothes as much as I enjoyed creating them.
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