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Alondra Sanchez

After going through a cycle of losing 50lbs and my body feeling sluggish with no muscle mass. I like anyone else got frustrated and lost motivation. After taking some time off the gym and for myself I then got back into the gym but now came in with a plan of eating better, resting, and creating a training split and that is when I started seeing bigger results.

Amber Mercado

9 Month Transformation

This truly shows how patience is KEY, do not give up if you arent seeing immediate results, set new process goals every week and work up to it. From being a size 19 in pants to now being a size 10 is AMAZING.

Martha Flores

6 Month Transformation

From working at a hospital 7-8 hours shifts Monday- Friday you still make it a priority to get yourself into the gym and completley kill the workout. Currently down 30lbs.

Alyssa Perez

8 Month Transformation

If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you. Theres been a lot of frustration and cursing at one another throughout this whole journey but I couldn't be more proud of where you are now.